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John Boudreaux’s PUNISHER Hood Graphic

John at needed a rendering by Jeff Strong at brought to life. We put together a subtle two tone graphic, with flat black and gloss black custom fit to his Tommy Z Challenger Hood, and the rest of the story is history!

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Bob Leonberger

Bob Leonberger is a die-hard Steelers fan, and knowing this the crew at Identity Design threw together an AWESOME rear window setup that emphasizes his two favorite players, Hines Stadium, and the epidomy of the Steelers legacy, all wrapped up on his vehicle for the world to see! Contact us today for a custom design, and let us turn your dreams into touchable reality!

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Advanced Automotive Concepts Decals

We are proud to be chosen by AAC to partner their product with ours in every shipment they make! We manufacture and ship these decals to AAC in Louisiana by the thousands! Identity Design only works with the best, and when it comes to lighting for your vehicle AAC is the best! Check them out at!

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Chad’s 4DR GTO

The one, and only “red-headed step child” stepped into Identity Design this week and we put together a very aggressive set of stripes for his G8! These stripes try to hold all the power this thing puts out, and force it to the wheels, front and back! But as Chad well knows I don’t think anything can contain the power under this hood.. BUT our stripes definitely achieved what Chad was looking for in the Identity area! Check out Chad’s beautiful G8!

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Phil’s BlackoutSRT8 Charger

Mr BlackoutSRT8 himself came by this week to add the finishing touches on a project he has been working on for his car! Phil has created a custom trunk lid panel for his SRT8, and with it painted and installed he decided it needed alittle more. We sat down and created a custom SRT8 logo for the trunk lid and really made it POP!

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